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Just a suggestion, but it would be quite handy if as well as full locations and descriptions, there were just simple viewpoints on the map. I.e. just a photo, an accurate pin on the map and maybe a line of text. There are lots of great shots that don't really warrant a full on location guide, but would be nice to call in at as you are passing or nearby. For instance in my region, I know most of the usual locations to shoot, but knowing where some lesser known views are would be really interesting when the light suddenly looks good but you dont have time to get to another location or am driving with the family so only really have time for the odd shot

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Thanks for the suggestion. I like the idea of "viewpoints". The trouble will be encouraging people to continue to share full locations when it will be faster to just share a viewpoint. However, I can see the benefits. If we can work it out and get some free time (unfortunately something we have been short of lately) then we will try and implement it.