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1. As well as direct upload of images for locations, how about including functionality to enable display of externally hosted images, e.g. flickr.
Doing so should (a) improve the user experience when submitting new locations, by eliminating upload times for images that already exist on the user's flickr stream .... and (b) reduce storage requirements for this site.

2. The 10 MB limit on uploaded image files seems unnecessarily generous - reducing it to, say 1 MB, would reduce your storage requirements and improve upload speeds, while the apparent quality of the displayed image should not be noticably affected.

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We did consider including the functionality to enable display of externally hosted images, but we are reluctant incase the source image is lost. However we will consider it again.  We originally had a 5mb limit but some users requested it to be higher, they said they frequently had jpegs of 8mb, we didn’t want to inconvenience them by having to compress their images before upload, so at least users have the option.
Thanks for your suggestion all are appreciated.  We hope to bring some exciting new improvements over the Christmas/new year period.

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Just a thought.....

Is there any mileage in colour coding locations to identify newly submitted locations or possibly locations that have not been viewed?

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Nice idea, defiantly has potential if I can work out how to implement it.

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How about some method of producing a route or itinerary so that a member can plot a day or few days of moving around to various locations. I'm planning a 4 day trip at the moment and it's proving to be a bit of a headache collating various locations into one map. I'm having to use Google maps which isn't too difficult to do but having something like that built into the site would be amazingly helpful.

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I totally agree, it's something we want to do...wouldn't it be brilliant as an app on a GPS smart phone.

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I know the facility already exists to rate the location guide out of 5 stars, but I would like to see something like the highest rated location over time, or most visited location (either physically visited or on-line visits). So the site incorporates a sort of ranking system like user reviews in Amazon. The more trusted a review the more likely someone is to visit the physical place. The only downside to this is that newly reported locations will be ranked lower than 'old favourites' and it will take some time to gain meaningful stats, but maybe something to consider for the future.

Apart from that, I think this is a great concept as I'm always trying to find somewhere new to visit with the camera and a little local knowledge goes a long way.

Keep it up

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Firstly in the future the rating system needs descriptions for each rating, i.e. 5 "a must visit location".

If you go on browse locations we display the most visited location for today, all time and physically visited, albeit it only shows the top 7. Would you like a whole table then, i.e. top 50?

For further information we talk about it in our recent blog.




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How about an optional postcode field when entering locations, with such a lot of people using satnav these days it makes finding a location much easier

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Thanks for the suggestion. It's definitely something that needs to be included, though hopefully I'll be able to work out how to extract the postcode for the location provided at some point, so users wouldn't have to manually submit them.