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Do you like the concept?

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Do you like the concept? If so what in particular do you like?

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like the concept but have a few observations after a quick 10mins using the site.


To hard to navigate to the exact location using the google the map to pinpoint the exact location.

Suggest ability to type in post code to zoom in first.  AND use the geotag info stored in the photo metadata if it exists so dont have to search at all.


Second suggestion is ability to upload more than one photo of the same location at a time

Third suggestion is to be able to add photos to an existing location already added on the site.




PS nice idea and could become really useful if enough people sign up, happy to support it :)

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Many thanks algenon5, your feedback is much appreciated and definitely worth implementing. Please continue to help our site grow by spreading the word. You can now add one sub image example, in the future there will hopefully be a mini gallery. 

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I think the idea of helping people fin a location for  photos is good.  The site currently appears to be one way though, so I can come here and look for locations.  I think you need to think about pushing out locations to people.   So let's say an event occurs a certain times throughout the year, you could push this out through Twitter, Facebook, RSS, headline on site, and many other methods. This can be easily achieved using the feeds from the site in open formats.  I could then follow you on Twitter etc. and get updes when good time to visit locations. Not tested yet but can I open the site on my GPS device and see locations near me?  This would be a good feature. I am sure something in html5 would be possible and again give me instant feedback when I am out and about. Often I don't have postcode or lng/lat and don't really want to have to look it up.  

For info. I have tweeted about the site and used the hashtag #mapmyphoto  (no brainer there!)

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I love the concept, ive been waiting for a website like this for a while now but nothing has ever been created (until now).
One thing I wouldnt mind seing is some sort of status update, just to make it a little more personal.
I would also suggest (without trying to offend) a new logo in a less used font, try for a huge selection of free fonts.

Other than that, great work :)