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Development updates and ideas to be implemented in the future

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Developments in the coming months:

  • A marker management system, here is an example of what we're trying to implement:

  • Events, in addition to locations we also want promote interesting events such as: motorsport, air-shows, country-shows etc.  As mapmyphoto collects information about your photographic interests and location, we could then email personal recommendations.
  • Competitions, soon we will be launching competitions for the best locations.
  • Improved location searching, by address and proximity
  • The introduction of a 'friendlist' to improve the social networking functionality of the website.
  • The integration of relevant weather forecasts for locations.

We also have some other brilliant ideas that we are working on for implementation in the long term, however for now they will remain as secrets because we want them to be a surprise.   

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I just wanted to give an overview of MapMyPHOTO’s development and future progress.


Over the Christmas period and early new year, I hope to get some free time to continue developing the website. These are some of the improvement and features we may bring.

  • A new way to browse interesting locations.
  • A new image gallery for each location.
  • The launch of some exciting competitions with prizes up for grabs.
  • The development of our Userpoints scheme.
  • An insightful story about MapMyPHOTO, it’s creators and some of our plans for the future.
  • General bug fixes.
  • This list is by no means conclusive as there are some features we want to keep as a surprise. It’s also not guarantied all features will be implemented.


    Thanks everybody, keep posting locations it's growing nicely.