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Are we limited to locations in UK?

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Just a general question really. With summer fast approaching and people thinking about holidays do the site admins want to restrict the location reviews to places in the UK. Obviously locations within the UK are more accessible to more people more of the time but where does someone turn to, to get advice on where to go to get the best photos possible on that special one-off trip?

A case in point I recently took a trip to New York and spent many hours scouring the web for photo locations, there was no definitive guide with all the info I was looking for in one place. In the end I signed up for a photo tour with a company that specializes in this sort of thing. Whilst i believe it was money well spent that assured I would get some decent shots I probably could have achieved the same on my own had I known where to go to get the best shots and saved my money to spend on camera gear!

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Thanks for your comment, I hope you had a lovely trip.

Our long term plan is definitely to expand globally. At the moment we are limited by the capability of our mapping system. Content moderation would also be another problem, I am really keen to retain a high standard otherwise the website would become no more use than a photo-sharing resource.

Once I have some free time after exams I hope to spend some time developing the website so there should be lots to look forward to. Incidentally the website will likely go relatively quiet over the coming months as I haven't got the time to promote it.

Thank you for your suggestion, ideas are always appreciated.