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MapMyPHOTO'S 12-month Tutor subscription is designed for those that want to advertise their tuition services to our users. Please note that normal users “may not use the site to advertise products or services, or to solicit users to buy or sell products or services” as stated in our Terms And Conditions.

£35.00 P.A.


  • Business user account: We allow and encourage you to share information about the services you offer on your user profile. We recommended that your display picture is your company logo. This will appear on content shared by you throughout the website. You will also receive a distinctive user badge on your profile.
  • You may share as many locations as you wish, subject to our publication criteria and include links to your website on your locations. Obviously, the more you share the greater your publicity. Great locations will reflect well on the service you provide. We regularly promote the best locations on MapMyPHOTO, so if yours is one, you will be incidentally advertised too!
  • You will also have exclusive access to your own blog, which will appear alongside the Admin’s blogs. Finally you can promote your tuition services in our dedicated photography tutors resource.

You will also receive all of the benefits of having a Pro-account!

If you have any queries please contact us.