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Wreck of The Nornen

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The SS Nornen is a Norwegian vessel that ran aground on the beach at Berrow in Somerset around 100 years ago (I think!). Considering how long it's been there very few people still seem to be aware of its existence. The wreck is best approached at low tide, at high tide it is submerged. However, do watch your footing the tidal range here is massive, but it can come in quite quickly. Given the estuarine/beach location it can be pretty muddy in places too, so even keeping a tripod from sinking for long exposures can be a challenge. Even at low tide the wreck is usually surrounded by tidal pools that make interesting foregrounds.

However, if you intend visiting this site you may want to do it sooner rather than later, partly because the wreck is disintegrating with each passing year, but also because the local council are constantly twittering on about removing it, because of the danger it poses to idiot jet-skiers that don't understanding that a buoy is often used to indicate that there is something beneath the water that it's probably a good idea steer clear of! :-) 

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5A South Road Knoll Park
Brean, Burnham-on-SeaSomerset TA8 2RF
United Kingdom

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SS Nornen on Berrow Beach Somerset.

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SS Nornen long exposure.

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hi finch photos, lovely shot! How long before and after low tide can the wreck be seen? I'm planning a trip and want to try to time it right. 

The mud sounds scary too. How close can you get safely?