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Worm's head, Gower

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Historically named 'Wurm' meaning 'dragon' by Viking invaders, the Worm's Head marks the most westerly tip of Gower. Worm's head is at the southern end of Rhossili Bay. At high tide the natural causeway to the head is submerged, so check your tide tables, you have about 2.5hours either side of low tide to cross! Keep an eye out for the ship wrecks on Rhossili beach,  at low tide the remains of the Halvetia can be seen, you can find an anchor which is partially buried in the sand.

Plenty of other interesting locations on the Gower, including Three Cliffs, King Arthur's Seat and Whiteford Lighthouse. At Whiteford point, there is an abandoned Victorian Lighthouse. Whiteford Lighthouse is the only remaining cast iron lighthouse surrounded by the sea in the United Kingdom.

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Worm's head

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ShaunW's picture

Graham, Good guide, I have been there many times (before moving to Scotland). One point its actually called Worm's head not Wyrm's head.




macuser's picture

Thanks Graham, I've amended the name.