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Willance's Leap, Swaledale, near Richmond, North Yorkshire

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This location best for dawns around May-June as sun will rise up the Dale before you. Alternatively, try sunsets Spring/Autumn but not Summer as light will be directly in your lens. The Rocks featured are down from the path and it is a steep climb, so if bothered by heights, stay on the path and wear good footwear

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Hurgill Road
RichmondNorth Yorkshire DL10 4SG
United Kingdom

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macuser's picture

What a beautiful view and well captured! Thank you for sharing the location. 

ching12's picture

I love the shots and also the view I'm looking forward to see this place.

kram's picture

Yeah its perfect for viewing sunset and spring because of its very nice place.Seeing it makes you feel relax..Yeah..

vanityme's picture

It is a place to start a photography adventure, the harmony of the landscape is engaging.