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Westminster and Big Ben

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The Elizabeth Tower (or Big Ben as its usually mistakenly called - Big Ben is the name of the greta bell) is a world famous landmark that makes a great focal point for shooting. When the sun lights up the gold faces at Sunrise and Sunset it looks beautifully warm, and once the sun goes down the tower, parliament and the bridge are all nicely spotlit.

There are usually lots of fellow photographers around which can cause problems as there are often tripods set up just where you don't want one to be, so a good place to avoid them and get a good viewpoint is to go under the bridge and shoot from the footpath just before the entrance to the underpass.

The light on parliament can be a little flat in the middle of the day and the whole place is much better with some early evening or morning sun to help define the gothic detail on the buildings.

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Westminster Bridge Road City of London
LondonLondon Borough of Lambeth, Greater London SE1 7PD
United Kingdom

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