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Tower Bridge, London

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It may be one of the most photographed landmarks in the world, but its for a good reason. There are some great shots to be had of Tower Bridge and the surrounding area. It is very well suited to shooting during the blue hour when the passing buses and taxis create nice light trails. There are nice compositions to be had by shooting from the south bank and including the mayors office, and on the other river bank stands the impressive Tower of London.

At low tide its possible to get down on the the foreshore at various places, which can work well, and you can also get good views of London form the bridge.

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Tower Bridge Road
Greater London
United Kingdom

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Even though I have never seen this bridge for real, I have heard of it through movies and other TV shows. It is my ambition in my life when I get a chance to visit London I would definitely have a glimpse of this widely discussed bridge by the people.