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Sycamore Gap - Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland

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This iconic tree was used as a location in the film Robin Hood Prince of thieves, and is a notable point in the midst of Hadrians Wall. There are a couple of car-parks close by, but both will require a walk with some upward climbs. Can be incredibly busy, and best to avoid summer when the location really attracts picnic munchers. We had to wait a good hour or so for some to move so we could shoot it, so earlier or later in the day or during less appealing weather conditions to avoid the non photographic people. 

Crag lough, a rocky outcrop next to a lake is also worth a shot or two. There are various hill forts and Roman ruins and things of notable interest in this area too worth a visit and photograph. 

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Sycamore Gap - Hadrian's Wall

Pennine Way
Northumberland NE47
United Kingdom

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griff6389's picture

I've seen a few shots of this location in the past and wondered where it was, now I know. I'm hoping to visit the borders this coming summer so I've added this to my list of places to visit. Thanks for the info.

macuser's picture

Thanks for sharing this location, I finally managed to visit it last week. I parked in the Steel Rigg car park. I arrived in the evening, annoyingly you can only buy a ticket which lasts the whole day. It costs £4 and allows you to also park in the other Hadrian's Wall cap parks, so to get the best value from your ticket it's best to make a day of it. Whilst the weather wasn't great, there was still plenty of potential for photography. In addition to the typical Sycamore Gap composition, I also tried to include Crag Lough in some of my shots, you will need a wide angle lens to get and tree and Crag in the same shot. The viewpoint is on a pretty steep slope so take care. Luckily I had the place to myself for much of the time, however I can see how it has potential to be a busy location. I also took shots of some of the hill forts and Roman ruins along the wall, I'll upload a separate location guide for them.  

Steven Iceton's picture

Fantastic location for photography on a clear night although I strongly recommend to take a good torch, a warm coat and gloves and strong nerves! I'm a long way yet from getting the best out of this location, I'd love to capture the milky way here as it's the clearest I have ever seen it in the UK. At night you can simply park on a small side road that runs off to the left-hand side. Go past the Once Brewed visitor centre and turn right onto the B6318 followed by immediately left, there's a small farm cottage part way up the hill, park just before there and there's a number of paths that lead off to the right (normally very muddy). During the day, the visitors centre charges for parking so take some change, this caught me out the first time I visited!

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Anonymous56's picture

Thank you for showing me wonderful location of Sycamore Gap - Hadrian's Wall. I have seen this tree in some movies like Robin hood and prince of thieves.