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Stannals Railway Bridge, Greenway, Stratford-upon-Avon

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This has to be one of my favourite local photography locations, I return to it time and time again and always come away with something new! The focus of this location is the redundant railway bridge which crosses over the River Avon. It has an interesting form and thus has lots of potential from a photographer's perspective. The old railway line has now been turned in a footpath/cycle path so access to this location is easy.

The bridge is suitable for an array of photography styles, the architecture is interesting suiting mono-style/atmospheric shots. For those of you with ND/Bigstop filters it a great location for a semi cloudy, windy day; the bridge's angular structure complements atmospheric skies. Although the light pollution looking towards Stratford is bad, if you look in the other direction it is a great subject for light painting and star trails. The arches under the bridge have a feeling of dereliction, the usual graffiti etc, hence it is perfect for wire wool spins or even as a set for a model shoot. I find the location particularly suits sunsets. The warm, low lighting illuminates the bridge beautifully and casts long shadows.

There are lots of viewpoints around the bridge so explore the footpaths around it. Additionally within a short walk of the bridge, you can look over Stratford Racecourse, for those with a telephoto lens a good place for action shots on raceday.

It is usually quite busy as it’s a popular footpath, so if you want the place to yourself go at a later or earlier hour and avoid the weekends.

The Greenway is also a great place to go walking, traffic free. I think the length of the is it about 6 miles. Enjoy. 

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Warwickshire, England CV37 9SA
United Kingdom

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Great location for wire wool spins, the arches fill with sparks. Also worth spinning on the bridge whilst capturing from below as the sparks fall into the river. Go later on in the evening and you will have the place to yourself.

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Visited this location again yesterday. It's also worth shooting from the other side of the river for particularly sunset. Continue to walk over the bridge in the direction away from Stratford for about 100-200m, turn left down into a field and follow the footpath back along the other side of the river. 

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could you give some driving instructions to nearest parking point and a guide where to go from there please.