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St Ives

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The chapel bridge is a lovely location, one of about only 4 bridges which have a Church on them, this was once blown up by Cromwell and his army to stop Charles army crossing the Ouse, which is the reason for the difference in shape of the arches on either side. The church is lit up by floodlights just after sunset, and is surrounded by Tudor buildings. 

There are also hundreds of swans in this location which can ruin reflections from the bridge, so it is often advisable to take some bread and a willing child to feed them further along the river so you can attempt an undisturbed reflection shot, it is a very popular sunset location and lots of people will be around there. Sun sets to the left of the bridge, so nice sky colours can be caught. 

It is a very popular boating route too, so Winter is one of the best times to go as there are not so many watercraft going along the river. 

A nice night is held in August where there is a lit up boat parade passing by along the river and under the bridge, very crowded also.

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St Ives

8 The Quay
Cambridgeshire PE27
United Kingdom

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At the time when we all find the best place for photography. After finding this place we can go here with our whole team and heaving are whole accessories. After going there we can easily capture all those moments which we want to capture for us.

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Thanks for posting it very educationa.