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Southwold, Suffolk

richardhurst's picture

This is a great pier to photograph as it's slightly different to most Piers you come across, in the way the buildings on it are laid out, like little shops. Looks great being shot from either side and there are some great long exposure opportunities to either side with rocks and groynes.

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27 North Parade
SouthwoldWaveney, Suffolk IP18
United Kingdom

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billabongmac's picture

Beautiful image, a must visit location too! Thanks for sharing. 

Jellyfire's picture

It should also be mentioned that Southwold has lots of other great photo opportunities. There is a wonderful white lighthouse situated in the town, and down to the southern end of the vast sandy beach there are some great beach huts, painted in vivid primary colours set amongst sandy dunes. These can be shot equally well at either sunrise or sunset as they look great either from behind looking out to sea or from the beach looking up from the beach

Paul Howat's picture

Went here early on Saturday morning 25/02/12. Beautiful sunrise. Lovely Pier. Got some decent shots.

sharpeimages's picture

Southwold Pier is a quirky, even eccentric place. Not the usual slot machines and "kiss me quick" gift shops, but a rather more refined and unusual entertainment experience.

Jellyfire's picture

Visited again at the weekend and there was a huge storm, had a go at a long exposure of the pier, and got some nice shots of the beach huts and the storm over the town.