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River Almond Weir, Cramond, Edinburgh

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The River Almond is a river in east-central Scotland which runs through West Lothian, draining into the Firth of Forth at Cramond near Edinburgh.

The pictures were taken near the remains of the Fair A'Far Dam or (Niddry) Mill. The weir was originally used to power a trip hammer at Fairafar Mill which was used to work old iron into maleable bars, however all that now remains is a shell.

Autumn is a great time to photograph this location when the leaves on the surrounding trees turn beautiful colours. If it's safe to do so try and get as low to river as possible and then use a long exposure to capture the movement of the water, hence don't visit after heavy rainfall when the river may be swollen. 

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River Almond Weir

6R Fair-A-Far
EdinburghCity of Edinburgh EH4 6QE
United Kingdom

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