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Prescott Speed Hill Climb, Gloucestershire

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This venue allows you to get up close and personal to the racing and there are few restrictions on access to the paddock so you can get to chat to drivers and pit crews. Hillclimbing offers an eclectic mix of vehicles from pre-war machinery through to '70s race cars and more modern stuff with both cars and motorbikes using the track. Prescott is also the home of the Bugatti owners club so there are usually some rare vehicles knocking about.

An ideal place if you want to practice your panning technique (pictured) as you can stand right on the edge of the track so you don't need an expensive long lens. That said there are some vantage points which do require a telephoto. Entry costs about £20 but it is money well spent in my opinion.

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Gretton Road
GotheringtonGloucestershire GL52 9RD ‎
United Kingdom

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Thanks for the location, it's nice to see something slightly different. A great venue where photographers can practice their panning shots. For those interested this is a link to the future events 2012.

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One of my favourite locations for watching Motor racing, a great addition to the catalog and certainly worth a visit for any motorsport photographer.  

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Last week I went to see the British & Midland Championships at Prescott for my first time. I couldn't believe how close you can get the the cars in the paddock and then them in action trackside. If you are prepared to walk a little there at loads of great vantage points to be had. I spent most of the time trying to perfect my panning shots. It has got to be a must for any motorsport photographer. Entry is in my opinion good value, for a days worth of constant action, it was £15 and that included parking. For lunch there are plenty of stalls selling hot food. Can't wait for next year!

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