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Piccadilly Circus, London

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Piccadilly Circus is always a hive of activity, this presents the photographer with the unique challenge of how to successfully capture these transient movements. For me I used a long exposure technique to convey movement of both people and traffic in the image. It's best to visit this location at night however this presents a second challenge, how to correctly exposing the image with such a vast array of different artificial light sources? I solved this problem by capturing a series of different exposures and then layering them together in photoshop. There are many different subjects that you may want to incorporate in your shot such as the billboard, Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, traffic (the iconic red London bus) and tube exits, therefore it's worth spending 15 minutes to wander around the place before setting up to shoot. 

If you do visit at night remember to be aware of the people around you, it's likely that there will be drunks around! It's probably worth going with a friend so that you can concentrate of your photography and not on protecting your equipment.

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Piccadilly Circus

1874 Coventry Street
LondonCity of Westminster, Greater London W1J
United Kingdom

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