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Pett Level

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A beautiful, unspoilt beach. There is a small parking area (free) and a pub (teas, coffees, cakes). 

The beach is backed by impressive cliffs about 50(?) feet high. In front of these are many boulders and rocks. These stretch for about 70 feet or so towards the sea. All around is soft sand with shingle in places. At low tide there are many rock pools and trapped water in larger pools. At sunset the whole area is lovely.

Although I've not walked far enough, there is a nature reserve nearby. I spotted a few unusual birds on the beach.

There are a few petrified tree trunks dotted about. The beach area along the cliffs is probably a mile, or maybe a little longer? 

IMPORTANT - the few times I have visited, the locals I've chatted to have warned against being too close the the cliffs which are unstable. So if you go, check the tides first and ensure you have enough space to avoid walking directly beneath the cliffs.

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