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Overstrand, Norfolk Coast

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Overstrand is a small village on the North Norfolk coast, just to the east of Cromer. There is a very long, quiet sandy beach, with a variety of interesting groynes and other sea defences to combat the erosion of the sandy cliffs, well suited to long exposures. The beach faces North, so there are nice shots to be had at both sunrise and sunset, but it doesn't rise or set over the sea. Likewise high and low tide offer decent photo opportunities. Access to the beach is via some well surfaced, but steep paths.

A promenade runs along part of the beach, on which are usually parked a couple of old tractors used for hauling in fishing boats. There are a few beach huts, but they aren't particularly photogenic. (or maybe they are to the right photographer).

A cliff path also runs right along the length of the beach, all the way to Cromer (1 and a half miles), offering a different viewpoint, and passing by Cromer lighthouse. Be aware this is fairly narrow in places and at times is very close to the steep cliff edges, which are prone to erosion.

The village itself is fairly pretty, with some interesting old buildings dating from various periods, a few of them rather grand. There are a couple of pubs serving food, cafe, shop and post office.


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Pauls Lane
OverstrandNorfolk NR27 0PF
United Kingdom

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Great location thanks for sharing! A location I'm definitely going to add to the list to visit along the Norfolk Coastline. 

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