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Orford is a very picturesque fishing village near the Suffolk coast, now separated from the sea by the large shingle spit of Orford Ness.

There is a very well sited castle, with good views of it from nearly all angles, the undulating hill it sits on is particularly good when the sun is low defining the contours. The village itself has many interesting old buildings, particularly good for architectural details. At the opposite end of the village from the castle is the Quayside, fishing and pleasure boats are in abundance, including some interesting derelict ones abandoned on the mudflats. In the distance on the horizon is Orford Ness, an old military testing site. Access is limited to this, see website above for details, but in itself is a fascinating photographic location, with a lighthouse and many old derelict military buildings.

The sun rises over the water which makes the quayside a good spot, or the castle can be nicely lit by this shortly afterwards. The sun sets behind the castle.

There are a good selection of places to stay, eat and shop. A good location for those not interested in photography to while away the time whilst you shoot.

The surrounding area is wetland and marshes, so birdlife is abundant.

Having stayed in the excellent Crown and Castle Hotel, would highly recommend this, and a perfect location for heading out to shoot sunrise at the castle before heading back for breakfast, though plenty of good quality alternatives appear to be available.


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Thanks for the location tip. Going today and trying some light painting tonight. 


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really nice psost to read!!!!!
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