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Lindisfarne Harbour, Holy Island, Northumberland

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Lindisfarne, Holy Island is a photographer's paradise. Amongst the many locations around the island, the harbour is particularly unique. An array of large, upturned fishing boats line its beach. Now no longer seaworthy and used as work sheds for the small remaining seagoing fraternity, many of these boats were part of one of the largest herring fleets to sail off the east coast of England. An large assortment of fishing tackle is also scattered around the harbour, providing lots of interesting foreground subjects. The brightly coloured lobster pots are particularly photogenic. To top it off, the impressive Lindisfarne Castle can be incorporated into your composition to provide background interest. While I visited at sunset, I felt that sunrise would be a better time as I imagine the sun would rise from behind the castle. However, as Holy Island is one of those places that always seems to be blessed with atmospheric lighting, you can't really go wrong. Remember there is a causeway to cross to reach the island, so checking the tides times and planning your visit is imperative. 

Lindisfarne truly has to be one of the most beautiful settings in not only Northumberland, but the British Isles and should definitely be on your "list of places to visit".

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Lindisfarne Harbour

United Kingdom

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