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Lanyon Quoit, Morvah, Cornwall

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A fantastic location on the Madron - Morvah road, not far from another location - Men an tol. 

Set on its own in a field, reached by a stile from the road, can be hard to notice it is there. 

It is often quite quiet, and later in the afternoon yields potential for private viewing, ideal for star trails, light painting and the like.

"Lanyon Quoit is the best-known Cornish quoit, as it stands right beside the road leading from Madron to Morvah. This dolmen collapsed during a storm in 1815 and was re-erected nine years later, with money raised by subscription among the local inhabitants. The reconstruction was not accurate because one of the uprights broke during the collapse and only three were reused. As a result, the quoit is now not so high as it was in the past. In fact, until the 18th century it was possible to sit on horseback beneath it. The capstone is 2.7 x 5.25m (9ft x 17.5ft) wheighing 13.5 tons; the chamber height is about 2m (7ft).

Believed to be the burial chamber of a long mound, Lanyon Quoit is unusual in many ways and may have been more of a mausoleum or cenotaph than a grave. Recent theories suggest that these megalithic monuments were never completely covered by mounds but that their granite capstone and front portal stones were left uncovered to form a dramatic background to the ceremonies performed there.

A number of other barrows once stood close by Lanyon Quoit in addition to a longstone about 90m (100 yards) to the north-west. At the southern end of the mound surrounding the quoit are the remains of a number of stone burial boxes (cists), but it is unclear whether these formed part of a single elongated mound with the quoit, or whether they were a quite separate later addition to the site."

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Bosullow Vean
Cornwall TR20 8NS
United Kingdom

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