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Hedgecourt Lake, East Grinstead

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Hedgecourt Lake is managed by the Surrey Wildlife Trust and is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The Crawley Mariners Yacht Club are based there, as are the East Grinstead Angling Society. 

Although not the best or easiest place to observe wildlife, it's peaceful location has attracted about twelve species of Dragonfly and among it's regular breeding birds are water rail, sedge warbler, kingfisher, woodcock and during the winter months, has played host to bitten as well.

If you are into photographing swans or ducks, cormorants sunbasking in the trees or perhaps, common terns diving for fish, then a visit during the day may suit you. If you are really lucky and/or patient enough, you may even snap a kingfisher on it's perch. But for me, the lake really comes into it's own at sunset when the sun obligingly sets on the far side of the lake. Pick the right day and the uninterrupted view across the lake, it's relatively sheltered position, plus a great cloudscape, combine to produce a beautiful sunset reflected off the still waters.

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Hedgecourt Lake

Mill Lane Off the A264 in Copthorne
East GrinsteadSurrey GRID REF TQ 353 403
United Kingdom

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