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Godrevy Lighthouse

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Godrevy lighthouse is perfect seascape spot where photographers can shoot spectacular sunsets. I believe it is best shot when the tide is coming in as you can capture the sea crashing over the rocks in the bay. However once it's high tide the rocks aren't exposed so make sure you check the tide times, and give yourself plenty of spare time. If you can't get onto the beach walk along the cliff tops to find a nice view point. From here you can watch the sun set behind the lighthouse and take a perfect shot. Wide angle shots can capture the lighthouse, headland and St. Ives bay in the distance. Or super telephotos can isolated the lighthouse with the waves crashing on the rocks around it. Once darkness falls you can turn to your left and take some lovely shots of the lights coming from st Ives bay. I haven't tried shooting down on the beach when the tide is out so I highly recommending giving that a go, I would love to see the results if anyone has a shot like that! 

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Godrevy Lighthouse

South West Coast Path
Cornwall TR27 5ED
United Kingdom

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slothmeister's picture

Took a trip to Godrevy during a recent photography holiday in St. Ives. 

Sadly the weather wasn't playing ball, a mixed bag of overcast skies and downpours meant that the shots i got were pretty washed out and boring, the ND filter helped to create a bit of atmosphere but couldn't really make the most of the location.

Parking is easy, plenty of spots on the road up to the lighthouse, if you are a national trust member then parking is free. 

Could of quite easily spent a few hours exploring the location, a lot of varied environments to shoot, long open beaches, awesome rock formations, a hidden waterfall (very small one!), the lighthouse, the cliffs surrounding the beach.

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Godrevy Lighthous is the place that I need to go when I see things on rush essay. I wish to know about it and I will always ask people about it from start. It's going to be different for me all the times.

Edmon's picture

It is definitely a beautiful picture of the lighthouse. I don’t find any picture like this on mojowriters, all the pictures there are boring to look at. The background in this picture makes it even more mesmerizing.