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Glastonbury Tor, St. Michael's Tower, Somerset

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This iconic location is a favourite amongst many photographers and a must visit spot if you are in the area!

Glastonbury Tor is a conical hill in Glastonbury, which is topped by the 14th-century St. Michael's Tower. Rich in legend and mythological associations, Glastonbury Tor is still very much a location with atmospheric qualities, ideal then for photography.

There are almost an endless amount of viewpoints to shot this location from, some have been captured many times over, however it's a location which isn't difficult to be creative at. Try shooting the landmark from both afar as demonstrated in the example shots but also close up; both work extremely well.

This location is suitable for a whole host of photographic disciplines, ranging from capturing long exposures (partially cloudy days are ideal), light painting and star trails to providing a beautiful candid backdrop. It's worth visiting throughout the year as the changing weather seasons transform this location, snow or misty spring mornings are both favourites of mine. A 'classic' shot taken at this location is to capture a sunburst through the central arch of Michael's tower, this can be best achieved during a October sunset or a May sunrise.

Note this location can be busy at times, particularly during good weather and at weekends.

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Coursing Batch
GlastonburySomerset BA6 8BH
United Kingdom

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