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Fox's Mill, Tonedale, Wellington, Somerset

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A brownfield site, featuring several Grade II listed buildings. Established in 1790 by the Fox family, Tonedale Mill was the largest integrated mill in the South West, employing around 4,500 at its peak. The site has been in decline since the '50s and ceased production altogether in the late '90s, the buildings becoming more and more derelict over recent years. Access until about 3 years ago was easy as there were a number of small businesses using some of the buildings, however more recently, the site has been bought up, with proposals for re-development and fenced off. Work started, but then suddenly ceased, with little apparent change (I'm guessing funds dried up due to the economic situation). If visiting during working hours, it may be possible to find a friendly security guard who might be willing to open up the gate - along with another photographer, I was fortunate to be let in a few months back to get some shots of the outside of the buildings, but the guard drew the line at letting us explore inside, on health & safety grounds. Dedicated and adventurous 'urbexers' might be able to find a way in, but of course, I cannot condone trespass; so any unauthorised exploration would be entirely at your own risk. Sticking to totally legally accessible public areas and footpaths however, can still yield some good and interesting views of the buildings and is still very worthwhile.

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Fox's Mill, Tonedale

46 Weavers Reach
TonedaleSomerset TA21 0DH
United Kingdom

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