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Durham, Road A690

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This is a great location for long exposure photography of car headlights. The pedestrian bridge over the A690 gives a great viewpoint over the road. During rush hour there’s an endless stream of cars to capture. From the bridge the road can be seen to turn into a roundabout and then lead into the distance to create a wonderful vanishing point. The roundabout makes for some interesting light trails, whilst the traffic lights mean you can capture stationary cars with light trails passing through them.

A tripod is clearly essential for long exposure photography but also as the bridge has a high railing. The bridge does vibrate when people pass by so you need to choose your moment carefully to capture the perfect shot and avoid it being spoilt. I would recommend visiting at winter when rush hour is likely to co-inside with nighttime.

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DurhamCounty Durham DH1
United Kingdom

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Looks like a cracking location, hope to visit here next time I'm up north!

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This is a great location for long exposure photography of car headlights. And I have learned a lot from reviews and they manage my unique task easily. I also like this and for this, they helped me a lot. I learned a lot from here and also make many photos according to there guidance.