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Dunstanburgh Castle Ruins, Craster

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Although most shots are taken from the north beach, the southern beach is also worth a go as it offers a different perspective and it's also more suited for sunset. It's however definitely more challenging to get an equally impressive shot, as the castle is not as visible from the southern beach and the beach itself not so impressive. It's best to photograph the beach at a lowering ebb tide when some interesting rock formations are revealed. A shot from the fields south of the castle can work really well if you get the sun rays shinning through the ruins. When I visited in July, the sunset was directly behind the castle (this will vary slightly throughout the year).

As normal a tripod is essential for low lighting conditions and for those of you with ND filters it's definitely worth taking them. Don't forget your remote if you plan on taking some long exposures, you will regret being without it. There is little light pollution, so I imagine it would be a great location for astrophotography.

The castle is now owned by the National Trust and managed by English Heritage, so access to the castle itself is subject to opening and closing times, as well as an entrance fee. However the beaches to the north and south of the castle are freely accessible.

A local camping site

You should note the equally impressive castle of Bamburgh from the beach (Bamburgh from the front) a few miles up the coast.


South Acres
CrasterNorthumberland NE66 3TN
United Kingdom

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Sunrise and Sunset times are a must, check tide times if wanting to include water in the shots. Wrap up warm, it can get cold up here! You can park near the Castle, but if you don't mind a mile walk you can park at the pretty little Village of Craster and walk along.