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Duke of Lancaster, Llanerch-Y-Mor (Nr Mostyn) Wales

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There is a foot path either side of the cut. The left hand side veers off and you have a restricted (by fences and bushes) view of the ship. 

If you take the right hand path then you have a clear view of the ship. Scramble over some rocks and you can set up for some good long exposure shots.

Dress warm, especially if you are doing some night photography there. 

Check the tides too.

There IS security. I wouldn't attempt to try to gain entry to the ship as there were recently 7 arrests in 72 hours.  I asked the security guard if I could have 5 minutes on the other side be he point blank refused. A £20 didn't even change his mind!

I will be trying to get back for some Astro shots, will update this location when I do.


Duke of Lancaster, Llanerch-Y-Mor (Nr Mostyn)

Flintshire CH8 9DT
United Kingdom

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