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Cramond Foreshore, Edinburgh

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Cramond is a seaside village now part of suburban Edinburgh. The beach is best shot and low tide coinciding with a sunset. The heart of the village lies to the east of the River Almond where it flows into the Forth. The harbour is home to a variety of yachts, potentially another photo-opportunity.

During low tide, it is possible to walk along a concrete pathway out to the once fortified Cramond Island which is in the Firth of Forth; however, be sure to know the tide times and return to the mainland well before the posted times. A number of buildings still remain on the island and make interesting photographic subjects. As you approach Cramond Island along the causeway, the most obvious military defences are in the form of an emplacement for a 75mm gun, plus a nearby housing for the searchlight intended to illuminate targets for the gun. Actually, though it is not obvious, the imposing concrete teeth alongside the length of the causeway are also military in origin. More buildings can be found in the north-east corner of the island, including a variety of stores, shelters and gun emplacements, as well as two engine rooms that once contained all the equipment necessary to supply power to the military installations on the island. 

Cramond's proximity to Edinburgh means it can get pretty busy in the summer months.

Toilets by the beach. Shops and cafes in Cramond.


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Cramond Foreshore

15 Cramond Village
EdinburghCity of Edinburgh EH4 6NU
United Kingdom

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