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Covehithe and Benacre

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Covehithe is dream of a location, it presumably used to be a fairly large town, but has fallen victim to the coastal erosion which plays havoc with this coastline. As a result there are about 4 or 5 attractive period houses, and then the shell of an impressively large church, with a smaller thatched church built inside the ruins. Access to the surrounding fields is limited, there are no entry signs on most, presumably to keep hoards of photographers from tramping their way over them. But there are still lots of good viewpoints to shoot from, including the churchyard itself.

There are signposts to the beach, which is a 15 minute walk, through some dunes, past some lagoons, some nice shots of reedbeds to be had here.

The other option is to take the tarmac lane from the church down towards the sea. There is a barrier with a 'Danger' notice and a sign warning that there is no public right of way. Although this is strictly true, it's a well-established and popular path stretching north towards Kessingland beach and you will most likely meet lots of walkers along the way. As long as you keep a sensible distance from the cliff edge there isn't much danger. The terrain is fairly easy, no real steep climbs and comfortably wide in most places.

On the cliff path there are some more good viewpoints for the Church, lots of nice wind battered and twisted trees, some wind turbines within telephoto distance, and a few other potential subjects. About half a mile or so down the path you reach Benacre Broad nature reserve. The beach here is usually littered with large tree skeletons, which stand in the sand or tumble down the cliffs into the sea as they erode and wash up along the shoreline. They are great for foreground interest for sunrises, long exposures and the like. These are obviously constantly moving, new ones appearing and old favourites washing out to sea, so every visit is different.

The Broad, which is a large marshy lagoon also meets the beach here, there is a good sized hide for wildlife photography, but which also provides welcome shelter if the rains come.

You can return along the beach if tides permit, but be aware at high tide the water comes right up to the cliffs so make sure you check these first. Its also possible to continue along the path which runs along the beach past the broad and then round in a large circular route inland, about 4 miles, which I haven't done so can't comment upon.


Corner Cottages
CovehitheSuffolk NR34 7JW
United Kingdom

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