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Corfe castle

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Corfe castle is best visited out of season as it is very much on the tourist trail, the path up to and through the castle is steep in places but requires no special footwear. Corfe castle is owned by the National Trust and charges a small fee - members go free. the castle may be closed in windy conditions as it is quite exposed. Plenty of pubs and tea rooms in village as well as a couple of hotels , Mortons house hotel is highly reccomended. The Swanage steam railway is the easiest way to get to the castle, with trains from Norden park and ride and Swanage. There is free access to the stations, you only need a ticket to travel on the train 

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United Kingdom

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I visited Corfe Castle last year with the intention of taking a sunset shot of the castle from the top of the adjacent hill.  Unfortunately, the cloud rolled in before dusk, so no sunset was forthcoming. Still the castle itself was an interesting place to visit, and it provided some good close-up photo opportunities, albeit in harsher light than I would have preferred. The castle sits atop a reasonably high hill which gave rise to a chilly wind even though at lower levels there seemed to be no wind at all. 

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