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Collywell bay, Seaton Sluice Northumberland: CHARLEY'S GARDEN

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Collywell bay, a crossbedded sandstone sea stack, known affectionately as Charley's garden and which is disintegrating substantially, in a small bay of  protected Special Scientific Interest .

Dawn is best, being east coast and cliff faced. Do not be fooled by the low tide long outgoing reaches of rock northside. This bay is extremely dangerous and lives have been lost. The tide sweeps round strongly and deceptively to the North side of the stack, so it is NOT recommended to be shooting from North on an incoming tide.

That said, this is an immensely beautiful bay with super wave action which locally is now well frequented by cameras. The North side of the stack has the appearance of a face. That is not why it is called Charley, rather that story is a local history one of a small planted patch on it's top when it was joined to the mainland. The beach pebbles are protected from removal as this is a rare site for the particular shoreline and wave action, it is important be careful to respect that.

The weathering of the sandstone rocks on the shore is wonderful for intimate landscape and macro work. The stack is a regular early morning roost for cormorants and regular seabirds.


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Collywell bay

37 Collywell Bay Road
Seaton SluiceNorthumberland NE26
United Kingdom

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