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The Cobb, Lyme Regis

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The beautiful Cobb is a harbour breakwater, shaped a little like the neck of a swan, hence the name the Cobb.

It is a sloping steep wall, which is tricky to walk along and can be very slippery after high tide, it is very steep with drops directly into the sea. I took two kids with me when I shot here and spent more time panicking about them going too close to the edge than I did working on my compositions, so great care should be taken.

This has great potential as a Sunrise location, perhaps on a windy morning at mid tide when the waves are whipping up at the cobb against the sunrise.

It is a very popular location, and people will just walk straight into your shot if you shoot during the day, so 30 second exposures are good as long as people do not stand still.

I cannot stress enough the need to take care here, as it would be very easy to slip and fall with tricky choices as to whether to save your camera or your neck.

Locally, there is a lovely beach, lots of nice shops and restaurants, Lyme regis is famous for its fossils, so have a session with a macro lens taking shots of the fossils in rocks, but take care by the cliffs as these are notorious for rock falls that crush people.

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The Cobb

Cobb Lower Walkway
Dorset, England DT7 3JJ
United Kingdom

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