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Brograve Drainage Mill

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Brograve drainage mill is a fine example of dereliction, set in a remote position about a miles walk from the nearest road. The red brick building is now just a shell, and the skeletal remains of the sails are just about hanging on. It has been in its current state of decay for many years, but could easily come down in the next big storm so if you plan to shoot it it's probably worth heading there sooner rather than later.

The mill is surrounded by reeds and the brown peaty water of the cut which passes in front of it all look great when illuminated by low sun, especially in autumn and winter when there are lots of rich browns to complement the red brick.

The nearest place to walk from is Horsey Windpump, which is another very photogenic mill with a car park, visitor centre and refreshments in season. The walk to Broigrave offers a few other opportunities to shoot the golden reeds in the right light. Evening or morning golden hours being the best.

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Brograve Drainage Mill

United Kingdom

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