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Bancroft Gardens, Stratford upon Avon

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The Bancroft Gardens are situated in the centre of Stratford upon Avon next to the River Avon and in front of The world famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The Bancroft Gardens attract over one millions visitors every year. The gardens were recently re-landscaped to modernize them and provide a large grassed areas for sitting. There are many photography opportunities, ranging from the canal basin and barges to statues and the landscaped gardens (best in summer). I like to photograph the mix of new and old architecture scenes throughout the gardens along with backdrops of the RSC Theatre and the River Avon. 

This is a popular tourist attraction so be prepared for it to be busy in the daytime, so a suggestion would be early morning or at night if you are not after candid shots. From my images below you can see I like to photograph the RSC at night, as the gardens are well lit and offer a totally different array of images to the shots available in the daytime. 

During the summer months street entertainers and the crowds of visitors make great candid subjects. 


Bancroft Gardens

19 Waterside
Stratford-upon-AvonWarwickshire CV37 6GJ
United Kingdom

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Stratford upon Avon is world famous, if you are in the area, the Bancroft Gardens are definitely worth visiting. There are shots to be had in both the day and at night. The swan fountain makes an interesting subject as does the Warwickshire Firefighters Memorial.