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Aira Force Waterfall

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The most famous of the Lake District waterfalls, Aira Force drops an impressive 65 feet. As a FREE National Trust attraction it's popular with tourist and photographers alike, therefore be careful when you choose to visit because it's likely to be busy. I would recommend visiting late afternoon or early morning, when it's quieter but also because the exposures will be longer and contrasts less (which I found was a problem in bright daylight). A polarising filter is very handy, as it will remove the glare from the surrounding foliage and wet rocks. Also remember to take a suitable lens cleaning cloth as there is often a lot of spray. Although it's easy to take the classic 'postcard' shot at Aira Force, I found that the barriers around the plunge pool of the waterfall limited composition flare and hence it's challenging to create a different sort of shot to what has already been taken, for this reason I prefer the very local: High Force Waterfall.

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Aira Force Waterfall, Lake District National Park

Cumbria CA11 0JY
United Kingdom

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This is a great place on a sunny day when rainbows appear in the waterfall.

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There's no charge for admission, but non-members of the National Trust face a hefty parking charge (about £5 for 2 hours) and it's not within casual walking distance of free parking (though that's certainly doable).

It's a lovely waterfall, though not one I've had much photographic value from - it's very, very difficult to find something that others haven't captured thousands of times before, and "me too" shots don't really do it for me.  One to just appreciate in the moment, I think.