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MapMyPHOTO Userpoints Reward Program.

Creating content for the photography community is it's own reward - your kind distribution of personal knowledge can save other photographers the pain of figuring out information on their own and equip them with great knowledge to prepare them for their visit. But, we think your participation is worth a something more. The more you contribute to the community the faster you'll be on your way to gaining a Pro-account for FREE. Not to mention the undying admiration of the other community members. 

How do you earn points? First, you need to register on the site. As a member, there are a number of ways to earn and accumulate points. 

Here's a list of the current opportunities:



Register on MapMyPHOTO 




Post a status


Invite a user


Invitee signs up

20 for both inviter and invitee

Share a location


Share an event


Create a forum topic


Comment on content


User browses your content


User favourites your location


User visits your location

1 for both the visitor and location provider

Location marked as editors choice


Location featured as 'Location of the Week' 20

Please keep in mind that these are approximate values. To prevent abuse of the system the administrators review each submission using the table above as a guide. For instance, location submissions of a poor standard may not be worth the full 50 points, generally speaking the more detailed the better! Also please note the issuing of points may be governed by time intervals, for example your won’t be rewarded for repeatedly logging in. 

Actual points awarded are determined at the sole discretion of MapMyPHOTO, whose decision is final. We reserve the right to continually refine the point values with or without notice. You can see the complete Terms and Conditions for the Rewards Program here.

So what is the benefit of having points?

  • Status. As you accumulate points, you gain recognition in the community by rising up the leader board. The ultimate accolade is the tile of  'Dedicated user'.

  • Account upgrade. Whilst points do not have a cash value, they can be exchanged for a FREE Pro-account*! Currently 750 points are required for a free Pro-account. What's more once you gain 5000 points your efforts will be truly acknowledged by MapMyPHOTO and all of its users with the reward of the highest status of recognition, a Dedicated User, meaning that you have a Free Pro-account for Life**!

  • ​Prizes/Content. In the future points will be used to redeemed fantastic prizes and downloaable content.

Get involved today! Sign up, start sharing content and become a Pro and then Dedicated User!

MapMyPHOTO Pro User badgeMapMyPHOTO dedicated user badge

*Pro-account expire after twelve (12) months. 

** Subject to Terms and Conditions.