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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by mapmyphoto's users.

MapMyPHOTO is a free service whereby photographers can share their favourite locations for others to enjoy. We support a growing community of photographers from all over the UK.

First hand advice is always the best but can be hard to obtain through conventional means: books, magazines, forums, photo-sharing websites, hence MapMyPHOTO is difference; it makes it easy for photographers to share relevant information to help other photographers seek new locations armed with the best information. Apart from our core service mentioned above we provide many other services and features, for example: Forums, Polls, Social networking functionality and event sharing.

Our goal is to keep the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO free into the foreseeable future. However inevitably as the website grows a revenue stream will need to come from somewhere to just maintain the site, let alone improve it, therefore although we aim not to charge our users for the core services provided we do offer paid subscriptions in return for users to gain increased functionality. Importantly however, we recognise the efforts of our most dedicated users by rewarding them with FREE subscription accounts via our Userpoints system. 


The basic functionality of MapMyPHOTO is completely free. However, nobody wants to see MapMyPHOTO become yet another community website that drops out after the first beta. But in order to establish continuous growth and progress, we need funding. Donations are always welcome, but unfortunately not enough to keep things running for us.

So the business model we decided to take was to keep the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO 100% free but also develop Premium accounts and downloads. These are available for purchase on our site and cost less than a few pints or a fraction of our development costs. Upgrading to a premium account is a great way to support the project and at the same time benefit from our premium services. Incidentally if you are an active user and contribute to the growth of MapMyPHOTO you will even receive a premium account for FREE through our Userpoints scheme. 

It is at the moment, however if it proves successful we would love to expand our horizons and indeed your horizons to allow our users to seek locations both within their nation and abroad.

MapMyPHOTO is created by two students and hence development can be slow at times when we have other commitments to focus on (to find out more about us click here). We believe we have achieved a lot in a short space of time and especially considering we didn’t have any previous website development experience. Most of the websites core functionality is now stable and usable however we have lots of ideas and plans for the future, implementing them is going to be a case of finding the time, learning how to do it and raising the money to back it. We are always open to new ideas so please post here.

A Photo-location is a place a photographer goes too as they are likely to capture a successful photograph there. Find great photography locations here.

Here is an exemplar location. Firstly and most importantly we are after a high quality photograph(s) to represent the location realistically but to also present it in its most impressive light. A description is the second crucial component of a location. We are after personal knowledge of the location from a photographers perspective. Ideally include the best time of day to visit and warn of busy periods to avoid, (also state preferable weather/tide conditions if relevant). Finally give photographic tips; for example interesting compositions and points of interest in the area. Please refrain from copying text from other websites. The more detailed and relevant the description the more useful it will be for other users. We know it takes a few minutes to submit a decent quality location, however if everyone does you will benefit too. We are trying to encourage a high standard to make it a useful resource, if we don’t MapMyPHOTO will be no more useful than photo-sharing/forum websites.

Go ahead and post it anyway! However try and supply something slightly different, whether it be the information or the originality of the photography. In the future we hope to have a system to make best use of duplicate locations, in the meantime they may be moderated to keep the best parts from each submission.

We prefer the location to be focused at the local scale, i.e. for example marking the position of a viewpoint over a bridge rather than dropping the marker pin on the bridge itself, remember we want people to be able to find the specific location you went to rather than the subject itself. So when submitting a location please drop the marker pin at the precise position you took the uploaded photograph (tip: select the most appropriate map layer, i.e. satellite and then zoom in on the map before dropping the pin to improve precision). It is possible that both the location and subject are in the same place.

No, the copyright of every image remains with the original users however we reserve the right to use the image on the website without payment please check our terms and conditions for further information.

It would be naive to think your photographs are safe on any website when posted online, the simple fact is that when they are viewable online, they are downloadable if you have the know how. MapMyPHOTO has taken measures to protect our user’s images. Watermarks are automatically applied to every photograph uploaded and the resolutions reduced, thus the original images are protected to some extent.

By being an active user on MapMyPHOTO we seek to reward you for your efforts. You will accumulate Userpoints for logging in, inviting users, submitting content, voting, commenting, and by having popular content. It is ultimately an incentive scheme; by gaining 750 points you may trade them in for a free Pro Account! Once you achieve 5000 points your efforts will be truly acknowledged by MapMyPHOTO and all of its users with the reward of the highest status of recognition, a Dedicated User. In the future points you will also be able to be exchanged Userpoints for downloadable content and much more! 

Please contact us here with your request.

Yes you can, please contact [email protected] for more information 

Please post a link to MapMyPHOTO on your website and then Contact Us, once the link is verified we will add the club advertisement into the directory for you. 

Please report all problems to us using this contact form, we will endeavor to respond to you promptly. 

Ensure that you have cookies enabled in your browsers settings, this website needs them to function correctly. If you still have a problem please contact us.