Featured Photography Locations: Issue 16
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Winterton on Sea

Winterton-On-Sea is a small coastal village on the Norfolk Coast. If you are looking for deserted sand dunes and windswept sandy beaches this is the place to come. The dunes stretch for miles along the coast, and there are nearby breeding seal colonies so its not unusual to sea a seal or two rolling around on the shore. The sun rises over the sea so early morning gives the best light on the dunes. There is a large offshore wind farm which makes an interesting focal point on the horizon.

The village has a pub which serves food and a couple of small shops. There is an attractive church with a tall tower, at the time of writing there was scaffodling over it but this is due to be removed in early 2014.

Spillway at Pontsticill Reservoir

The spillway at Pontsticill Reservoir is well worth a visit but make sure you go when the water is actually draining. For this reason it's probably best to visit outside of the summer months and best to keep an eye on the weather forecast prior to going.

Due to fencing, you are restricted to only a few viewpoints, I found the best was on top of the staircase to the left of the pier. The elevated viewpoint gave the best view down into the spillway. This location really lends itself to long exposures so remember those filters.

Brograve Drainage Mill

Brograve drainage mill is a fine example of dereliction, set in a remote position about a miles walk from the nearest road. The red brick building is now just a shell, and the skeletal remains of the sails are just about hanging on. It has been in its current state of decay for many years, but could easily come down in the next big storm so if you plan to shoot it it's probably worth heading there sooner rather than later.

The mill is surrounded by reeds and the brown peaty water of the cut which passes in front of it all look great when illuminated by low sun, especially in autumn and winter when there are lots of rich browns to complement the red brick.

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