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Featured User: Terry Beales

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Why are we featuring photographers? We want to find out more about our community and share their thoughts and experiences with you. We also want to promote the work of our most active users as a reward for their efforts on MapMyPHOTO. This week we are kicking off with Terry Beales, he has submitted a massive 18 locations to date! He's an asset to the site and I'm sure our users will benefit from his efforts. 

Featured User: Terry Beales

How did you get into photography? I've been making photographs for pleasure, on and off for over 50 years, starting with a Kodak box camera and progressing through various 35mm film cameras. I've dabbled in b&w darkroom work and printing, but got the greatest satisfaction from colour transparencies - IMO, there's nothing to match a projected slide (or now, digital image) at 4 ft or more across, for providing a sense of involvement and of 'being there'. It was for this reason that I resisted for so long, the move to digital, as the comparative cost of digital projection was prohibitive, with quality lagging way behind that of analogue projection - fortunately, that is no longer the case. In late 2006 however, I succumbed to the temptation of digital with the purchase of a Nikon D80 and a few months later, discovered flickr, which I regard as a significant milestone in my photographic journey. As a result of the contacts I've made and feedback I've received via flickr, both my enthusiasm for, and the quality of my photography has improved considerably - flickr can be a great motivator if you join appropriate groups.

What do you specialise in? My favourite photographic subjects are aviation, transport, old vehicles, steam-driven machinery and mechanical 'things' in general, as well as corrosion, rust and decay (I believe that many things can reveal unexpected beauty as they decay, especially if you take the trouble to look at the closer details). I also favour landscapes, especially coastal, as well as all the interesting bits'n'bobs that can be found around harbours, fishing villages and sea-side towns.

Member of any clubs? I used to be a member of a photography club where I worked, but since retirement, not at present, although I keep considering joining my local club it's one of those things that I haven't yet got around to doing.

Do you sell your work? I make no specific efforts to do so, however I have had some of my shots used in promotional material for events, for which I've been rewarded with event tickets, official event DVDs etc. ...... and I'm always open to offers ;-)

Where's your favourite location? A difficult one to answer as there are so many within an hour or so's drive from home, e.g. Dartmoor, Exmoor, almost anywhere along the South Devon coast, but particularly Dawlish, which provides such great variety, however one place that I keep returning to time and again is Weston Super Mare as I always seem to be able to find something new or a different aspect, whatever the weather.

My thoughts about MapMyPHOTO? I think it's a great concept and has the potential to become an extremely valuable photographic resource, not only for finding worthwhile locations when away from home, but also for discovering lesser known possibilities within your own local area. Of course, the success of such a venture depends on the contributors and to that end, I think the innovative points system is an excellent incentive to members to keep supplying location information, although something to be aware of, is that if the number of members and locations being submitted grows significantly, then there will need to be some system of checks to ensure that the quality of information is maintained. Although the site is still in beta stage, the important aspects all function smoothly and as one would expect - there are of course, one or two bugs and areas that could be tweaked, but on the whole, the site works well and has a clean, professional feel to it - all credit to those responsible for initiating and maintaining it.

Please view his photography here.

​Once again a big thank you to Terry for all of his efforts. We look forward to featuring another user next time.