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Featured User: Rachel Slater

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​Why are we featuring photographers? We want to find out more about our community and share their thoughts and experiences with you. We also want to promote the work of our most active users as a reward for their efforts on MapMyPHOTO. This week we are featuring Rachel Slater, she has submitted a massive 34 locations to date! Her locations are from all over the UK and have provided an invaluable resource for our users.

Featured User: Rachel Slater

rachel slater

How did you get into photography? I got into photography from a very early age. My parents gave me an old box brownie camera (which didn't work) as a toy, and when I showed interest in pretending to take photos, they gave me a real camera with real film in when I was about 6! I have several photo albums to this day with blurry photographs taken at zoos, gardens and of relatives, mostly all with big photo advisory stickers all over them. As I got older my photos improved very slightly, and I was given an SLR for Christmas one year, I even got a few decent pictures from it too.

It was always my intention to become a professional photographer, but real life and bills got in the way of the dream, until about 6 years ago when I discovered Flickr and I started adding some images, and I then got a couple of comments, and that had me hooked. It will never be a profession for me now, as I want to continue to enjoy shooting, without the stress of trying to make a living from it. Plus, too many people have digital cameras now that have the capability of snapping a great image, it is about the experience for me, more than a source of income.

About 5 years ago, a friend of mine also mentioned that he was interested in photography and we agreed to go out on a days shooting together, I learned so much from him and it improved my photography tenfold, there is a noticeable point in my Flickr photo stream at the point which he and I started shooting together, and he has patiently mentored me ever since. 

What do you specialise in? My main area of interest is Landscape, I don't think you can beat the feeling of standing on location, with the most amazing view in front of you, enjoying the peace and freedom, seeing the sun rise and light up the area around a mountain, see it reflected in the water and then manage to capture exactly what you are seeing in Camera, to relive again and again, the equipment doesn't matter, it's all about living that moment and capturing what you felt and saw on that day. 

Member of any clubs? I am now a member of Ely Photography Club, which I really enjoy, albeit I sometimes don't agree with the judges during competition evenings, usually when they mark my photos down, if they give me high scores then obviously they are good judges ;)  It is good fun though, and I have met some lovely people through it.

Do you sell your work?  Yes my work is for sale here.

Where's your favourite location? My favourite photo location would have to be St Michaels mount in Cornwall. Whenever you go, whatever time of day or time of year, it always seems to yield new photographic opportunities and a different viewpoint. I never seem to tire of standing there for hours. 

Can you share with us a photographic tip? My top photographic tip would be patience... Don't leave or give up too early, too many times I have said "That's all its going to do, nothing else will happen now" and driven off, only to see a sudden break in the clouds, a magnificent sunset happen or the most incredible light, just as I have driven away. 

Your thoughts about MapMyPHOTO? I love MapMyPHOTO, it is a fantastic concept, and a great resource, I hope it becomes really popular and look forward to finding more locations to go and shoot. I have always saved the location guides from photo magazines and kept them all in a big file, but it is too disorganised to work well for me. This website gives me all the information that I want to know - "where can I park, how far do I have to walk to the viewpoints, and can I get a hot cuppa there?"  I am looking forward to watching it develop, and hoping to meet new photo contacts from it to shoot with and share knowledge (and hopefully petrol!).

Please view her photography here.

Once again a big thank you to Rachel for all of her efforts. We look forward to featuring another user next time.