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Featured User: Paul Griffiths

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​Why are we featuring photographers? We want to find out more about our community and share their thoughts and experiences with you. We also want to promote the work of our most active users as a reward for their efforts on MapMyPHOTO. This week we are featuring Paul Griffiths, he has shared 15 brilliant locations to date! His locations are of great quality, being both informative and inspirational.

Featured User: ​Paul Griffiths

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How did you get into photography? I started taking an interest in photography when I was in school some 30 odd years ago, back then I had a mamiya 35mm SLR and one lens! After school I pursued a career in the forces so didn't have much time for a hobby, especially with a young family. I recently left the forces and started a job in the IT industry. I quickly realised I needed something to get me out of the office in my spare time as I enjoy the outdoor life, so I got back into photography and bought myself a DSLR.

What do you specialise in? I consider myself something of a novice and I'm keen to learn more about this diverse subject so I haven't tried to specialise in any one aspect of photography. That said, I tend to take more landscape shots than any other as I live in the Wye Valley which has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty. If I can produce some shots that do it justice then I'm happy.

Member of any clubs? To aid my learning I joined Caldicot Camera Club a couple of years ago and I believe that the regular competitions, both within the club and externally, have pushed me out of my comfort zone on a number of occasions and this has helped my photos improve. Being a member of a club also means I meet up with like-minded people who enjoy swapping tips and ideas to help me improve further.

Can you share with us a photographic tip? The best tip I have received about photography is to get out there and take photos, as it's digital it's free until you print. Don't be afraid to try different things and make mistakes, you're always learning.

Your thoughts about MapMyPHOTO? I really like the concept of MapMyPHOTO, getting other photographers to give the inside track on great locations, what has worked and what hasn't is a great idea. On a purely selfish perspective I'm always on the lookout for locations that will deliver great shots - so this is a great tool for me.

Please view his photography here.

Once again a big thank you to Paul for all of his efforts. We look forward to featuring another user next time.