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Paddy's Hole, South Gare, Redcar

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Paddy’s Hole, South Gare is the largest of the fishing lagoons along South Gare.

There is parking adjacent to Paddy’s Hole, but if you are fortunate enough to be alone at the location be careful not to park in your compositions!

The road to here is fabled to be closed once a year in order to keep up various access rights etc… This usually happens around June/July/August.

The best time to visit in my opinion is just before sunset, and the hours leading up to it, there is glorious light bathing the place and it can create so many lovely photographs. Tide isn’t a problem, just be careful if you’re brave enough to clamber down the rocks to get a lower angle shot!

Jennifer the boat is a slowly disappearing keelboat, who is being taken to bits, having stayed underwater when the tide is high for years. Long exposures with this boat work well, but she won’t be around forever.

Wearing wellies is a good idea…


United Kingdom

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