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St Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

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Beautiful spot - These wide angle pictures taken at low tide and just after sunrise in January. There is a concrete causeway to the lighthouse that gets covered at High Tide. Best for Autumn to winter with low light on the rocks. Summer time a busy spot and difficult to avoid people. Also a great place for birdwatchers.

Number of perspectives - across the rocks or from the south with the lighthouse in the distance

I tend to take HDR with a tripod as don't posses many filters.

The Car park is very close to the causeway - chargeable.

Location is suitable for the following types of photography


St Mary's Island Causeway Whitley Bay
Tyne and Wear NE26 4RS
United Kingdom

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A perfect location for coastal photography. St Mary's Lighthouse is an Icon of the North East coastline. Remember to check tide times before visiting as the appearing causeway from a lowering tide can provide a dramatic shot. ND filters are highly recommended to slow down those exposures. This is more of a sunrise then sunset location. 

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A Lonely Sunday at St. Mary's. Always check tide times before you go as there is a causeway.

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