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New feature!

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comment image

Recently we have brought a great new feature to MapMyPHOTO, location comment image sharing!

So if you have been to one of the locations on MapMyPHOTO you can now share your results and additional expertise.

To view a location with a great example of comment imaging, click here.

It only takes a couple of minutes, this is how it's done:

  • View the location on MapMyPHOTO.
  • Scroll down to the comment section.
  • Add a comment (images must be supported with some text).
  • Upload an image (up to 3 images are allowed).
  • Click save and you are done!

uploading a comment image

Your image will appear on the sidebar of the location page. To view a larger version and a slideshow of the comment images simply click one. All large images are automatically watermarked for protection, whilst a thumbnail of the image is displayed on your comment so that it's referenced to the user. 

View comment image

Hope you like it, feedback is always appreciated and can be easily provided by commenting below.


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