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MapMyPHOTO help

As we have recently had lots of new users sign up, I thought I would create a blog post to hopefully draw your attention to some useful MapMyPHOTO features and explain to you how to take advantage of them. ​

Social login: You can login securely without a username or password using a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Windows Live ID or Aol account. To link a social networking account to an existing MapMyPHOTO account, go to your profile and then click the "Linked Accounts" tab.​Social login with facebook, twitter, google+Flag visited photography locations: In addition to favouriting locations, you can also flag the locations you have visited. Simply scroll to the bottom of the location page and click "I have visited this location". If you share a location it will automatically be flag as 'visited'. By flagging locations you will be able to easily keep of which you have visited. We really encourage you to remember to flag locations as it will allows us to track the popularity of locations so that we can then recommend good locations. Flag visited photography locationsWhen searching for locations you can choose to hide all the ones you have visited, or view only the locations you have visited.View your visited photography locationsFriends: Keep track of your favourite users by adding them as a friend. To view and manage your relationships go to your profile and click on the "Friends" tab.Create friendships with your favourite photographers Share your photography: If you have visited one of the photography locations on MapMyPHOTO's you can share your results and provide inspiration for others by using the comment form. Simply write a comment and attach up to three images. This feature is particularly important to reduce the number of duplicated locations.Share your photography and inspire others


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