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Photography clubs.

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Are you a member of a photography club? Which?

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Joined about 18 months ago, was always a landscape man until I joined. This club is based at a studio and since I joined cannot get enough of taking photos of models. Really enjoy the challenge of working with people 

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I joined Caldicot Camera Club a couple of years ago and have enjoyed meeting like minded people who have encouraged me to get out there and take more photos. Regular club competitions have spurred me on to photograph subjects I usually wouldn't think about. Chepstow Photographic Society is a new club that started up back in September and is closer to home for me it is run along similar lines to the other I'm a member of but the guy who started it has done a lot of studio work so I'm hoping to pick up some of that knowledge as I want to learn more about portraiture.

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Very inclusive friendly club, all welcome. Meet most Wednesdays. Themed and open competitions throughout the year.


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