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MapMyPHOTO, now official.

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We are pleased to finally wave goodbye to beta testing to announce the official launch of MapMyPHOTO, it has been a long time coming but one that we hope was worth waiting for! 

The first announcement is the most important. For the first time ever we are now offering a premium account however rest assured the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO has remained completely free to use. 

The reason: Nobody wants to see MapMyPHOTO become yet another website that drops out after the first Beta. Therefore in order to establish continuous growth and progress, we need funding, after all the MapMyPHOTO “Team” only consists of two students, hardly that of Flickr or 500px. 

Donations are always welcome, but unfortunately not enough to keep things running. So the business model we decided to take was to keep the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO 100% free but also develop premium accounts and downloads. These are available for purchase on our site and cost less than a few pints or a fraction of our development costs. Upgrading to a premium account is a great way to support the project and at the same time benefit from our premium services, find out about these below. Incidentally if you are an active user and contribute to the growth of MapMyPHOTO you will even receive a premium account for FREE through our Userpoints scheme, more to come on that later.

New Features, alterations and improvements:

Premium account

  • ​The all new Pro-account priced at an introductory discount of £5 for 6 months or £7.50 (or 750 Userpoints) for 12 months. 

Features include:

Greater access

  • Find photography Events and submit your recommended Events for others.

  • Discover and share upcoming photography competitions.
  • Pro Users Forum

Full content photography locations

  • Multiple images (if available) for each location in a slideshow viewer, supporting full screen viewing.
  • Weather report 
  • Nearby Locations
  • Driving Directions
  • Travel and Parking information

General site improvements:

  • Our central mapping system has been updated to Google’s latest API V3 which is faster and supports smoother browsing.
  • The mapping marker management system has been re-coded to aid location finding. Now you can see exactly how many locations are in close proximity.

  • The site’s Twitter block has been redesigned and supports multiple tweets, we hope you agree that it looks far more attractive now.
  • A feedback tab has been added for our users convenience and our benefit, we hope that our user base will use it to help progress the development of MapMyPHOTO.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions have been updated. These will hopefully be of help.
  • Search 404’s i.e. “Page not found” will return a site wide search for the viewer's convenience.
  • Breadcrumbs have been added to aid site navigation, these are of particular use in forums. 
  • All external URL's have pop-up live previews which refresh on a monthly bases. 

  • General Bug fixes and refinements. I.e. Users that have unpublished locations can now view them via their "my locations" tab. 

User account:

  • The Userprofile has been completely redesigned to become more attractive and informative. 
  • The role status of all users is now clearly portrayed via a badge on their profile, now you will know instantly whether they are a Free, Pro or Dedicated user.
  • User’s location and event submission counts are immediately obvious, meaning that you can clearly see which users are the greatest contributors. 
  • User's recent locations slideshow has been updated, whilst user's upcoming events are also on display.
  • For the first time ever users can now post a personal status including # (hash tags), @ (mentions), links and images. These can then be viewed on your personal wall or in the site wide status wall.

  • The layout of the account settings page has been tabulated to become more logical and aid navigation.
  • The user location entry interface has been re-coded supporting HTML5 ‘find my location’ and address/post-code searching.


  • We have been promising it for a while but now Userpoints actually have value! By being an active user on MapMyPHOTO we seek to reward you for your efforts. You will accumulate Userpoints for logging in, inviting users, submitting content, voting, commenting, and by having popular content. It is ultimately an incentive scheme; by gaining 750 points you may trade them in for a free Pro Account! Once you achieve 5000 points your efforts will be truly acknowledged by MapMyPHOTO and all of its users with the reward of the highest status of recognition, a Dedicated User. In the future points you will also be able to be exchanged Userpoints for downloadable content and much more! 
  • To track your accumulation of points we have added a progress bar which reveals your points target.

  • The Userpoints leaderboard has been redesign to include rankings and a user search facility


  • There are now even more opportunities than ever to get points, read more about the Userpoints scheme.


We want to thank all of our beta testers who provided invaluable feedback and richly detailed content. Their efforts have been rewarded with Userpoints!

Now that the core functionality of MapMyPHOTO has been firmly established, our aim is to grow the catalogue of content, encourage user activity and develop future functionality.

Ideas for future development:

  • Mobile Version
  • Global coverage
  • Tour/Itinerary planner
  • Personal recommendations
  • Enhanced notifications
  • HTML emails